Outdoor Leadership Academy

Now in its fourth year, the Outdoor Leadership Academy provides authentic leadership opportunities to Upper School students. This three or four year program develops the skills, experience, and certifications students need to lead outdoor trips, and fosters general leadership skills that can be transferred to any setting. Students complete core requirements in addition to one skill-based section in Mountain and Rock, River, Backcountry Winter Travel, or Wilderness Travel. Though intensive, the program allows students to also focus on academics and other interests.

Specific Objectives of the Outdoor Leadership Academy:

  • To offer experiential, collaborative, reflective, and place-based opportunities for authentic leadership to complement and extend the school’s core values
  • To inspire ethical, responsible, and joyous 21st-century citizens whose leadership will make a difference in the world
  • To provide a program that develops the skills, certifications, and experience necessary to work professionally as an outdoor leader
  • To provide experiences that help students develop the life skills of:
    • Preparation and organization
    • Responsibility for themselves and others
    • Resilience and perseverance
    • A positive outlook
    • Personal ethics
  • To provide experiences that help students develop a lifelong relationship with wilderness environments and a deep appreciation for natural beauty
  • To provide experiences that help students experience meaningful personal growth
The Outdoor Leadership Academy has allowed me to further develop my wilderness skills and learn how to lead others safely in a place that is extremely special.”  Annika ‘16

“The OLA teaches leadership skills you can especially apply to the wilderness as well as in an urban setting.” Peter ‘17