Early Childhood Center

On a bluebird fall day, the littlest Cutthroats venture outside for an adventure that includes a picnic lunch and a hike. Students are encouraged to think about what is possible in nature while building stamina, balance, bold physical play, risk-taking, and learning to use gear ...more

For two days during the snowy months, ECC students take advantage of our unique and spectacular winter landscape. Children learn how to properly put on and take off gear like snowshoes before venturing outside to look for animal tracks and examining what animals do in the winter ...more

When the snow melts, ECC students head outside to investigate signs of spring. Often, in Sun Valley, these signs are mud and puddles! Children visit local waterways, ponds, trails, parks, and campgrounds to play, explore nature, practice safety, and enjoy the outdoors ...more

In the Elementary School, children are encouraged to start building a lifelong love of the outdoors. From short treks in the Early Childhood Center to the banks of Trail Creek to explore the local ecosystem, to the epic fifth grade sail through the San Juan Islands, the youngest Cutthroats experience learning in the biggest classroom: the outdoors ...more