Eighth Grade

Opening days at Community School don’t look like any other. Groups of sixth to twelfth graders pack backpacks and gather tents and gear in preparation for the annual tradition that is Fall Campout ...more

What better way to study the science of climate change than at the foot of a glacier? Each fall, the eighth grade does just that during a weeklong trip to Glacier National Park. The adventure provides students with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see evidence of our changing climate, understand how research is conducted, and speak with scientists in the field ...more

When you live in a community that recreates in the backcountry, avalanche education is crucial. The eighth grade undertakes an entire introductory avalanche safety course as part of the regular curriculum. This includes classroom work and field experience, and culminates in a backcountry skiing trip that allows students to put their newfound knowledge to work ...more

Exploring the amazing Great Basin Desert ecosystem and studying Anasazi ruins and ancient petroglyphs, pictographs, and treasures is just part of what eighth graders experience during their spring trip to Grand Gulch. Students prepare for this adventure by studying map reading, Anasazi culture, archeology, desert ecology, natural history, and learning wilderness skills ...more