Elementary School Outdoor Program Philosophy

Exploration and Enthusiasm

In the Elementary School, children are encouraged to start building a lifelong love of the outdoors. From short treks in the Early Childhood Center to the banks of Trail Creek to explore the local ecosystem, to the epic fifth grade sail through the San Juan Islands, the youngest Cutthroats experience learning in the biggest classroom: the outdoors. In this division, the emphasis is on developmentally appropriate adventures that encourage hands-on, feet-on-the-ground experiences with plenty of time for reflection. Even in the youngest children, self-care, teamwork, and leadership opportunities abound. Students are prepared to continue to rise to the challenges and rewards of the Outdoor Program and to love the wilderness.

Objectives specific to the Elementary School Outdoor Program:

  • Encourage a lifelong love of wild places
  • Teach leadership skills, self-reliance, and self-care
  • Instill a respect for the outdoors and start children thinking about the importance of practices like Leave No Trace
  • Foster independence in a nurturing and structured environment
  • Learn about amazing places, both near campus and far
  • Promote teamwork and cooperation
  • Learn to step outside of comfort zones
  • Build strong relationships with classmates
  • Have fun!