Eleventh Grade

Opening days at Community School don’t look like any other. Groups of sixth to twelfth graders pack backpacks and gather tents and gear in preparation for the annual tradition that is Fall Campout ...more

Few of our school trips visit the Sawtooth Mountain Range even though it is in our backyard. The four-day eleventh grade fall adventure exposes students to the unique beauty of this world-class ecosystem, as well as directly integrating their experience with concepts they are exploring in class ...more

Both the eleventh and twelfth grades undertake a three-day yurt trip in the winter. Venturing into either the Smoky Mountains or Sawtooth Mountains, students choose to travel with alpine touring gear, telemark gear, or a snowboard with snowshoes ...more

The Junior Solo presents students with a challenge and an opportunity offered to few in modern society: the chance to spend two days completely alone in a desert wilderness. This iconic trip also presents students with an opportunity to practice their expedition planning skills as they must organize group gear and food for the backpacking section of their trip ...more