First Grade

When the seasons change and leaves begin to turn, first graders embark on a two-day journey designed to explore the natural environment, searching for signs of fall and various animal habitats. A trip to areas burned in the Castle Rock Fire and the Corral Creek Fire also encourage a better understanding of fire and how the forest regenerates itself ...more

In first grade, winter outdoor trips equal adventure! Outings focus on snowshoe exploration with classmates and searching for animal tracks with students leaving some tracks of their own in the snow! The emphasis is on fun, hiking safely on hills, and exploring beaver ponds in the winter ...more

It is never too early to learn the lifetime sport of fly-fishing! In first grade, a two-day spring trip focuses on fly-fishing and water creatures. With the help of local experts, students study a trout’s diet and learn about creating insect imitations, even tying one or two flies of their own ...more

In the Elementary School, children are encouraged to start building a lifelong love of the outdoors. From short treks in the Early Childhood Center to the banks of Trail Creek to explore the local ecosystem, to the epic fifth grade sail through the San Juan Islands, the youngest Cutthroats experience learning in the biggest classroom: the outdoors ...more