Ninth Grade

Opening days at Community School don’t look like any other. Groups of sixth to twelfth graders pack backpacks and gather tents and gear in preparation for the annual tradition that is Fall Campout ...more

Imagine floating 90 miles on the longest free flowing river in the Lower 48 through a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon. The ninth grade undertakes this memorable, and some say magical, rafting trip each fall on the Main Fork of the Salmon River ...more

We are fortunate to have the majestic Sawtooth Range nearby and the ninth grade winter trip takes full advantage of this wilderness playground. The three-day trip is the first time students are introduced to winter camping ...more

In the spring, ninth graders travel to Salt Lake City to undertake a different kind of trip: one of service learning. For a week, students work directly with people in need, focusing on the causes and effects of poverty, food insecurity, illiteracy, and homelessness ...more