Through challenging and inspiring wilderness experiences, the Community School Outdoor Program supports and enhances the school’s mission. Each trip fosters personal growth, teamwork, and leadership and strengthens the strong student-faculty relationships that are the cornerstone of a Community School education. The outdoors is an inspiring classroom and students, from the youngest members of the ECC to graduating seniors, learn not only wilderness skills but also develop a lifelong love for wild places.

Community School students climb mountains and cliffs, run river rapids, explore wild coasts and deserts, and overnight in snow shelters. Through these adventures with a purpose, students develop the confidence to take risks and overcome challenges and adversity. By stepping outside their comfort zone, students build confidence and grow in ways impossible in traditional classroom settings. Outdoor trips also encourage environmental ethics that enrich student lives and the lives of others.

Community School believes unequivocally that the Outdoor Program promotes not only academic success but helps students develop insights about themselves and the world that will serve them well on their journey to adulthood.

Embrace the adventure!