Outdoor Leadership Academy Programming

The Outdoor Leadership Academy is based both in the classroom, and the backcountry. Through a combination of skills and knowledge acquisition and real life practice, our students compile an impressive resume of certifications and accomplishments, while learning real life lessons about confidence, teamwork and healthy risk taking.

Classwork is completed in a variety of venues. We offer Wilderness Navigation, Leadership, Expedition Planning and Fly-fishing during our academic year. In the summer, students take courses like Wilderness First Response, Swift Water Rescue, Leave No Trace and Single Pitch Instructor Courses.

Of course, our students need to also have the opportunity to apply what they have learned. Part of our OLA graduation requirements demand that students plan and lead trips, both within the Community School Outdoor Program and on their own. We find that the combination of learning and applying leads to confident leaders, both in and out of the backcountry.

The Outdoor Leadership Academy has allowed me to further develop my wilderness skills and learn how to lead others safely in a place that is extremely special.”  Annika ‘16

“The OLA teaches leadership skills you can especially apply to the wilderness as well as in an urban setting.” Peter ‘17