Sixth Grade

Opening days at Community School don’t look like any other. Groups of sixth to twelfth graders pack backpacks and gather tents and gear in preparation for the annual tradition that is Fall Campout ...more

“On belay!” “Belay on!” The excited shouts of sixth graders echo off rock walls as one student begins his or her ascent during the fall trip to the fabled City of Rocks. This excursion seeks to help students build rock climbing skills, increase class unity, and foster personal responsibility and growth ...more

Beneath bluebird skies and surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery, the sixth grade travels north of Ketchum each winter to learn, or improve their skills, in the lifelong sport of cross country skiing. With an emphasis on the skating technique, students spend two days and one night in and around a rustic camp: the perfect setting for shared meals and tale telling ...more

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area just outside Las Vegas is an extraordinary setting for an extraordinary trip. In the spring, sixth graders travel to the Mohave Desert ecosystem to practice climbing techniques honed in the fall ...more