Tenth Grade

Opening days at Community School don’t look like any other. Groups of sixth to twelfth graders pack backpacks and gather tents and gear in preparation for the annual tradition that is Fall Campout ...more

Backpacking along the longest remaining stretch of wilderness coast in the Lower 48 provides one of the most unique and memorable trips at Community School. Remote, wild, and totally different than mountain-based adventures, the Olympic Peninsula provides a weeklong experience into some of the last wilderness and old growth temperate rain forests in the nation ...more

The tenth grade winter trip takes students into the backcountry for three days to enjoy a skiing and winter camping experience. The culmination of the winter skills curriculum, students have the opportunity to put all their winter outdoor skills to use ...more

For 20 years, tenth graders have made a weeklong pilgrimage each spring to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This trip makes a lasting impression on most students whose daily lives, for all their wonders of nature and sports, do not often include what Ashland has to offer ...more