Third Grade

A hike through the Black Magic Canyon takes third graders to a jaw-dropping landscape created by volcanic eruptions in the Snake River Valley that took place as recently as 10,000 years ago. This two-day fall trip investigates southern Idaho geology and volcanism in a hands-on way ...more

Though the two may seems mutually exclusive – Nordic skiing and warmth – third graders explore both during their two-day winter trip. The activity of cross country skiing allows students to conduct insulation experiments, explore winter tracking, and work with avalanche beacons ...more

Each spring, third graders set out on their first overnight outdoor trip. For two days and one night, students travel to southern Idaho to explore and learn. Day one is spent rafting and splashing in the Snake River and exploring Celebration Park, Idaho’s only archaeological park that contains Indian petroglyphs dating back 12,000 years ...more

In the Elementary School, children are encouraged to start building a lifelong love of the outdoors. From short treks in the Early Childhood Center to the banks of Trail Creek to explore the local ecosystem, to the epic fifth grade sail through the San Juan Islands, the youngest Cutthroats experience learning in the biggest classroom: the outdoors ...more